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1st SKIF European seminar 2014



Welcome to SKIF-Belgium,

We welcome you at our SKIF-Belgium webpages. This site is constructed to support our members of all ages, abilities and aspirations.

* We teach traditional Shotokan Karate Do as taught at the SKIF Honbu Dojo in Tokyo - Japan. Our instructors teach a comprehensive syllabus allowing everyone, regardless of sex, age and ability to make progress in Shotokan Karate Do.


* Our strong ties with Japan Headquarters provide the opportunity for our members to regulary receive highclass instruction directly from Japan's top experts. All our dangrades are registered in Japan.


* As SKIF member you are part of a global "Karate Family of SKIF Karateka". Hence the "F" in "SKIF" which not only means "Federation" but also "Friend" or "Family".


* We offer the possibility to young karateka to compete in a safe and respectfull environnement in Belgium and also abroad.


We encourage you to explore this site to know more about us and SKIF.



Stephane Castrique

6th DAN

Chief instructor SKIF-B

Oss !!   



國 際 松 濤 館 空 手 道 ベ ル ギ ー 連 盟